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Coffin manufacturing and distribution


CHAO primarily aims to provide an efficient and quality service to customers. Our business concept covers a wide range of coffins with different designs, measurements and finishes, adapted to market needs and with a distribution and logistics system in place that makes the day to day easier in funeral homes.

La satisfacción de todas las necesidades y expectativas de nuestros clientes son la base fundamental de nuestra actividad.

CHAO offers a storage service and supply of the merchandise perfectly adapted to the needs of its customers, facilitating the management and manipulation of the product stock in the installation of the funeral services companies.

  • Combine flexibility and efficiency in production with short response times and deliveries to your customers from the production center in a maximum of 15 days and in maximum 7 days from your logistics centers.
  • To personalise the range of products for each customer by adapting to the needs of their company and the market it caters to.
  • To adapt the end product to new market trends, offering quality and design to our customers.
  • To develop our activity whilst being socially and environmentally responsible.
  • To create an intelligent industry model in tune with our customers.
  • Develop an increasingly automated and automated productive activity.
  • Increase our international presence by offering our clients the value of our experience.


AENOR and AENOR Environment
CHAO certifies its eco-friendly products with the AENOR N Mark and AENOR Environment. Our eco-friendly coffins fully comply with standard UNE: 190001:2017. These coffins are environmentally friendly in their entire service life, with combustible, degradable and biodegradable properties.

When a certified eco-friendly coffin from our "Eco-friendly" or "Classic" range is incinerated, the emission of pollutant gases into the atmosphere is reduced by up to 80%. These coffins are also ideal for burial, as their characteristics and components facilitate decomposition with almost undetectable levels of contamination in the soil and water surrounding them. This is because they are made from raw materials that come from natural sources and without any synthetic treatments.
The team at CHAO is made up of professionals from the funeral sector committed to improving our daily production to be able to offer the best products, service and assistance to our customers, adapting to their requirements and needs and with an individualised approach to each order.

This ongoing training and innovation policy has helped CHAO spearhead the manufacturing of coffins in Spain, operating as a benchmark in the sector since 1910.

Esta permanente política de formación e innovación it makes us leaders in the manufacture and distribution of coffins in Spain and a benchmark within the business circle associated with funeral services.
Depending on their cultures and traditions, different places require different designs and characteristics of coffins; this is why our business covers the end-to-end process of designing, manufacturing and distributing in line with the needs of every funeral home. Our wide range of products meets the requirements of the most demanding customers and, in the event that this is not possible, our manufacturing team can adapt to special cases.

Get in touch with our sales department and let us know your needs.
CHAO gives priority to Quality in all its processes, therefore it is certified with a Quality System in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.This certification, audited by the Spanish Standards and Certification Association (AENOR), helps improve our production and customer care.

In addition, CHAO develops its industrial activity under a criterion of sustainability, applying continuous improvement measures regarding the minimization of the environmental impact of its activity in the world. The certification according to the UNE-EN-ISO 14001: 2015 standard guarantees our good practices regarding the consumption of raw materials and energy, waste management, emissions to the atmosphere, potential effects on the soil and biodiversity.
Pioneers in using the most cutting-edge technology, our company is the benchmark in harnessing the developments and changes that have improved the manufacturing of coffins. CHAO, through the application of its continuous improvement method, develops and applies in its production unique R&D systems in the manufacture and distribution of coffins.This innovation is paired with the varied and ongoing training of our staff, allowing them to develop their skills and abilities by exporting them to their area for professional development.
The commitment made by our entire team to improve the company and customer service is unlimited: service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our staff work responsibly and with a clear commitment towards our customers, fostering a relationship based on service and trust.

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Coffin factory

In addition to the funeral chests of the catalog we have many other models of coffins and our factory is adapted, depending on the needs of our customers, for the production of new designs or specifications.



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